The predecessor of Hosszú Eurotrans came to existence in the form of a sole entrepreneur by László Hosszú. At that time we only had one 7,5 ton Mercedes truck with boxed body specialized to transport upholstered furnitures. Our main transport relations were Germany and Hungary.


Hosszú Eurotrans Ec came to existence in the form of an individual company. We owned several truck with and without trailers and all are specialized to transport upholstered furnitures. These truks in our fleet were the most optimal solutions in their categories, satisfying the highest western standards and needs of our customers.


Besides our existing vehicles new Volvo FH12 trailers appeared in our fleet and we started to engage in the transaportation of electronic appliances such as plazma tvs and other high value electronic goods to England and to the Netherlands. This new challenge helped us develop our fleet and our services.


As we joined the European Union, the transport licence requirement was abandoned and in order to keep our market share we extended our fleet with 15 new trucks and trailers. At the same time the transportation market collapsed due to the extremely high number of new vehicles and our company faced brand new challenges.


The crisis had a negative impact on the productivity of the industry in general and had a negative effect on the performance of our company as well. 2009 was the first year we were engaged in fleet development and other investments that helped us maintain the state of our fleet.


This was the first year we made significant investment and built a maintenance and part storage hall and covered part of the property in Nagykanizsa with solid surface. In the spirit of sustainable development we installed a solar panel system on the roof of our hall, which provides us enough electricity for our on-site operations.


We continued developing our on-site services in Nagykanizsa and we built the most up to date and environment friendly truck wash with water recycling and refurbishing technology. We also finished the development of our truck and trailer diagnostic services which helped us maintain the conditon of our fleet. Several trailers with boxed body became part of our fleet which are able to transport 66 palettes of cargo on two levels.


The improvement of our fleet continues and numerous new truck and trailers appeared in our fleet. We almost replaced all of our older trailers with brand new curtain sided and boxed trailers. The truck wash is operating in full capacity and we received the licence from the National Traffic Authority to open the official truck check point for the yearly mandatory examination. We also became official tachograph examination point in Nagykanizsa.