Truck and Bus wash service
On our site in Nagykanizsa we invested into a full automatic truck and bus wash system, in order to preserve the condition of our fleet. If it is also important for you to keep your fleet in a good aesthetic condition our truck and bus wash service is available for you.

We offer discounts from the prices for our contracted partners. 
In case you have any questions, please call us within the operational hours. We are open from Monday till Friday between 8:30 and 16:30.


Truck and trailer diagnostics
Vehicle Inspections and truck maintenance can help you control costs and keep drivers safe on the road. A properly executed vehicle inspection can help your drivers discover unsafe conditions before they cause accidents or crashes, find mechanical problems before they lead to costly breakdowns and avoid being placed out of service during a roadside inspection, or being subject to infractions and fines. And, not only do vehicle inspections make good sense – they are required. We are doing official annual inspections required by the law. Our certified staff can do the required inspections on the trucks and trailers, tachographs and green cards.


Validation of Tachograph equipment
Our company has many years of experience in the validation of analog (size wheels and radio) and digital tachograph equipment.

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Wheel alignment
Our company deals with the wheel alignment of trucks, tractors, trailers and semi-trailers. The chassis provides a continuous connection between the truck and the road making able to steer the vehicle. The chassis status and settings significantly affect the steering accuracy of the trucks and trailers, leads to safe and economical operation, improves the maneuverability and road holding of the trucks and trailers. With periodic audits the failures due to incorrect adjustments can be avoided that could lead to defects and accidents.


Tyre repair, balancing and installation
We offer quick, affordable tyre installations, fitment and balancing services for all size of truck and trailer tyres. Our team of tyre installers is highly trained and skilled, and most of all provide quality and efficiency on each tyre installation, guaranteed.


Oil change
When changing the oil or during a regular inspection we use high quality oils of MOL and Shell, upgraded engine and transmission oils are poured into vehicles. The wide-ranging palette can be found in the most advanced full synthetic engine oils to mineral engine oils recommended for older vehicles with worn engines. We strive to find the optimum solution for our customers among the several options and make the regular maintenance cost-effective but never apply cheap solutions that could harm the engine in the long run.

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Fleet maintenance
Fleet maintenance may be the single most critical aspect of managing your fleet. Whether you own or lease your trucks, we offer a full range of fleet maintenance services to help you keep your trucks on the road serving customers and making money. From preventive, comprehensive and on-site maintenance to mobile maintenance and 24-hour roadside assistance, count on our Fleet Management Solutions to ensure that your fleet performs safely and reliably day in and day out.


Truck and trailer recovery services
Our Truck Breakdown Services include roadside assistance and repairs ranging from mechanical to auto electrics through to trailers, tail-lifts, shutters, transport refrigeration and hydraulics and tow truck services. If a recovery is required quotations can be obtained and you the operator make the decision. In a crisis you don't have time to shop around for the cheapest truck breakdown services and we understand that! We have created our pricing structure in such a way that we can promise to save you time and money on our competitors. We want to develop a relationship that makes you come back to us time and time again. We will be fair and we will be competitive.


Logistic services and cargo handling
Cargo Handling Services is run by a strong management team, whether it's our personnel, or our independent contractor on the road. Our team is made of dedicated, experienced trucking and shipping professionals who are committed to honesty, fairness, and quality transportation service. We provide on-site loading and unloading services combined with forwarding and logistic services.