Legal declaration

We would like to provide you with the following facts and information on the care that we take to protect your privacy and provide a high level of confidentiality:


The websites of Hosszú Eurotrans Ltd including all of its images, texts and their arrangement are subject to copyright and trademark protection, their use in any form - with the exceptions set out in the relevant legislation - is only possible with the written permission of Hosszú Eurotrans Ltd.

Anonymous data collection

As a matter of principle, you can visit our websites without letting us know who you are. We only discover technical data like the name of your Internet service provider, the website from which you have come and our websites that you visit, for example. This information is assessed with the date and time details for internal statistical purposes with a view to advertising, website analysis and in order to design our websites so that they meet requirements. You the user remain completely anonymous during this process. No pseudonym usage profiles are generated.

Insertion of cookies

We use cookies in order to improve the quality of the structure and content of our Internet sites and in order to allow users to navigate their way around as smoothly as possible. We also use what are known as session cookies, which are restricted to the time of your visit. They are used to record which content you have viewed from your PC while you carry on surfing, and they also play a role in increasing the level of security while people are surfing. Once you leave our website or do not click on it for a while, these short-lived cookies are deleted.

Cookies cannot cause any damage to your PC. They do not pose a risk that is similar to viruses or programs that spy on your PC. You regulate how cookies are handled yourself. Please use the help function on your browser to allow, block, view and delete cookies.

Customer data

As soon as you become a customer of Hosszú Eurotrans Ltd., we store your data in line with the legal stipulations laid down in the Hungarian Data Protection Act LXXII of 1992. In this case, we also use your data within the legal framework to send you advertising materials on other products. It goes without saying that you may withdraw your permission for your customer data to be used for advertising purposes at any time by phone, email or letter.


Company: Hosszú Eurotrans Ltd.

Legal form: Limited liability company

Managing director:  László Hosszú

Place of incorporation: 8756 Nagyrécse Haladás utca 6.

Registration number: Cg. 20 09 070662

Email.: Send Email

Tax number: 22714866-2-20

EU tax number: HU22714866